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24-7 On-Call

Every year hundreds of people are arrested, detained and interviewed by police in Northern Ireland.
Everyone arrested has the right to:

  • Free legal advice from a solicitor
  • Tell someone where they are
  • Medical help if required
  • An interpreter if required
  • An appropriate adult if required
  • See the rules the police must follow
  • Food, sleep and use of the toilet

At Carlin Solicitors LTD, we provide 24-7 on-call representation at the police station. This service is completely free of charge and available to anyone arrested under PACE or the Terrorism Act. Likewise, we can advise and attend you at an interview conducted by Benefit Investigations, Animal Welfare, Customs and Excise or the Police Ombudsman.

To book an appointment, please call 028 9334 0525.

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