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Miscarriage of Justice

Justice is never served by allowing an unsafe conviction to stand. Think of Joseph and Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39:19). The revisiting of sometimes historic cases involves the balancing of rights and responsibilities. Those wrongly convicted have suffered a miscarriage of justice and deserve to be pronounced innocent. At the same time, there is a competing public interest in finality and confidence in the criminal justice system. It is for this reason that the authorities are slow to respond. However, the recent case law has placed attention on the need to review post-conviction claims of innocence. A review may arise where there has been one or more of the following which was not covered at trial:

  • An error in law or practice
  • A new legal argument
  • Material non-disclosure
  • Tainted expert evidence
  • Scientific developments
  • New witness evidence

Carlin Solicitors LTD work closely with the CCRC, PPS, PSNI, Police Ombudsman and non-governmental organisations to thoroughly investigate possible miscarriages of justice. We can review the safety of a past conviction, sentence, or both.

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