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Team Profiles

Aiden Carlin


Aiden Carlin LLB founded Carlin Solicitors in 2013.

As an experienced legal practitioner, Aiden’s record speaks for itself in terms of successfully representing clients arrested by police and interviewed under the Terrorism Act or Police and Criminal Evidence.

Legal Highlights

Aiden is recognised for his long term success at advising clients Appealing against convictions and / or sentences. He works at every level of the Court system on some of the most high profile and significant criminal and civil cases in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Aiden has earned a reputation within the wider legal profession as the defence specialist in criminal defence forensic analysis as evidenced by his work on national and international cases. Aiden's spectacular work on behalf of local clients uncovering evidence hidden from their defence was documented by UTV Insight in the 2004 television documentary: ‘Above Suspicion’. Since then, there has been a watershed in how Northern Ireland criminal defence lawyers have approached prosecution forensic evidence.

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